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Reggie & Ronnan Moffett
Missionaries To Africa

A native of Louisiana, Reggie has been in full time ministry since 1979. As the son and grandson of pioneer Assembly of God ministers, he has grown up with a rich spiritual heritage.  Having pastored twenty-five of the past forty-three years of ministry in Louisiana and Arkansas, his unique approach to teaching the scriptures, line upon line, precept upon precept, and with his emphasis on the integrity of God’s Word, Reggie has been a blessing to those who have sat under his ministry.  Reggie is licensed with the International Convention of Faith Ministers and served as an area director until 2010. 


Having traveled to Tanzania, Africa since 2004, Reggie has a burning desire to train pastors, church leaders and businessmen to help find their place in the plan of God for the twenty-first century harvest. He is working as an instructor  for New Life Outreach  Bible School in Tanzania, Africa, whose founder is Dr. Egon Falk.

Ronnan Cobb Moffett, a native of Houston, Texas, attended Rhema Bible Training Center from 1981-82 and has faithfully served with her husband in the three churches they have pastored.  She has organized and led the Praise and Worship teams for over ten years, taught classes for various age groups in the churches and also worked at the local high school.  Ronnan has a heart for the people of Tanzania and desires to help their children to realize their God given potential. 

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